10.13 : Gothical開場しました。Gothical open now. < TELEPORT >

10.11 :※台風等諸般の事情を顧みまして、日本時間 12日(土)0:00開場予定でしたが➡ 開場日時を13日(日) 正午12:00に順延します。楽しみにお待ちいただいているところ、お待たせして申し訳ありません。

* The date of the event is subject to change due to various factors such as typhoons. SLT oct. 11th was scheduled to open, but the opening date will be postponed to SLT12th 20:00. Thank you.

Gothical 2nd 2019

SLT 2019/10/12  JST 2019/10/13 正午 start   - 11/04 close


この秋、BAROQUED simのイベントは「Gothical」


We are proud to announce our new event, :::BAROQUED:::Gothical -2nd-!

The theme includes Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Prince&Princess-like Lolita,  which means it focuses on “Classic Gothic Lolita Fashion.” The item can be a pretty dress decorated with plenty of laces and frills, and jewelries, accessories, hairs, furnitures, buildings and poses that match with the lolita style.


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